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Casinos accepting deposits with Przelewy24

This online banking system works exclusively on the Polish market, so if you are not Polish, then you can forget about Przelewy24. The payment system is very convenient and it simply has no competitors in Poland, most of the online purchases in the local market are made through it.

In addition to paying for goods and services on the network, transferring money to other people, it is possible to replenish an account in some casinos. Przelewy24 has been operating on the Polish market for more than a year, the name can be translated as Transfer24, which indicates the purpose of the payment system. The Paywall service is owned (a company with a worldwide reputation and solid experience in the field of online payments).

Here they offer:

  • the ability to pay for purchases online. In Poland, more than 40,000 online stores support this payment method;
  • the ability to set up recurring payments, such as utility bills or loan payments;
  • support for a variety of payment methods. You can work both through terminals and online, you can replenish your Przelewy24 account using all popular payment systems;
  • the function of reminding you to make a payment.

In Poland, Przelewy24 partners with more than 100 banks. If you have an account with at least one of them, you can use the services of the payment system.

Advantages and disadvantages of the payment system

The benefits of using Przelewy24 are as follows:

  • transaction processing speed is high;
  • security is on top;
  • money can not only be transferred to the desired account via Przelewy24, but also withdrawn to the details of the same payment system;
  • not only the Polish zloty is supported, but also the euro. The option with a single currency is more profitable - save on currency conversion;
  • support from banks. Almost all major banks in Poland work with this payment system, so all Poles can use it;
  • working with an account is easy and convenient;
  • there is a mobile application, so you can make payments and via mobile phone.

There are also some serious disadvantages:

  • Przelewy24 is a local payment system. And this means that only residents of Poland can work with it, in addition, for this you need to have an account in one of the Polish banks. Whether the bank supports this service should be clarified in the bank support;
  • a relatively small number of casinos support deposits and withdrawals through Przelewy24. In some casinos, only depositing funds to the account is possible, withdrawal is not available;
  • complicated registration.

The main disadvantage is the ability to work only in the Polish market. As a citizen of any country other than Poland, you will not be able to use Przelewy24's services.

How to fund your casino account with Przelewy24

Support from the casino is weak. Search results in our database give only 33 casinos. On the one hand, not so little, on the other hand, the choice is still small. Basically, these are casinos operating in Europe.

As for the replenishment itself, when replenishing through Przelewy24:

  • choose the appropriate method in the deposit replenishment methods;
  • enter the payment amount;
  • click on "Pay" and you will be redirected to the payment confirmation page. There you will need to log in and confirm the payment.

The Przelewy24 service is an intermediary between the bank and the seller, so the money will be debited from your bank account. Since data is not entered on third-party sites, the likelihood that you will become a victim of intruders is low.


Przelewy24 cannot be considered a universal way to fund an account in an online casino. There are no complaints about the payment system itself, but the fact that it is limited only to the Polish market nullifies all its advantages.

It will suit only Poles and residents of Poland. For everyone else, it is better to pay attention to other, more universal payment systems. Collapse

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